**Belvedere Jazz Club, SS11 (4 gigs)


Wed 6/07/16  The Jack Free Showband 

Jack Free (tmb), Peter Rudeforth (tpt/fgl), Julian Stringle (clt/saxes), Tim Huskissen (pno), Colin Bray (vib),  Murray Salmon (bs), Martin Guy (drs)

Wed 13/07/16 Zoe Francis (vcl) & Jim Mullen (gtr)

with Barry Green (pno), Stan Sulzman (ten), Mick Hutton (bs), Tristan Maillot (drs)

Wed 20/07/16  Pianorama: Dave Browning, Ted Beament & John Vinton

with Alan Morgan (bs) and Paul Budd (drs)

Wed 29/06/16 3 Tenors & one Diva

Mark Stratford, Bob E. Dymon, Tommy King and Helen Keating (vcls)

Acc by: Bill Yeomans (saxes/clt/flt), Terry Davis (bs), Mike Lewis (drs)

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