Bull’s Head, Barnes (26 gigs)



MONDAY AUGUST 01 Stormy Monday Club Present 8:30pm

TUESDAY AUGUST 02 Stealing Dan & Don 8:30pm

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 03 Way Out West Presents JIM MULLEN 8:30pm

THURSDAY AUGUST 04 Renato D’Aiello Quartet 8:30pm

FRIDAY AUGUST 05 EJ Shaft Band Featuring Special Guest Vocalist Lou Beckerman 8:30pm

SATURDAY AUGUST 06 The Greening, Chamberlain & Skelton Trio 8:30pm

SUNDAY AUGUST 07 Sunday Lunchtime Sessions 2:30pm – 4:30pm; Kaleb McKane 7:30pm

MONDAY AUGUST 08 Stormy Monday Club Present Ruby Tiger 8:30pm

TUESDAY AUGUST 09 The Liam Stevens Trio 8:30pm

Wednesday August 10 Way Out West Presents ‘Willcox/Lapthorn/Hayhurst’ 8:30pm

Thursday August 11 Alan Price 8:30pm

Friday August 12 Undiminished 8:30pm

Saturday August 13 The Graham Harvey Trio 8:00pm

Sunday August 14 Zena James 8:00pm

Monday August 15 Stormy Monday Club Present The Sharpees 8:30pm

Tuesday August 16 The Humphrey Lyttelton Band 8:30pm

Wednesday August 17 Way Out West Presents The Tony Kofi Trio 8:30pm

Thursday August 18 Groove Warriors 8:30pm

FRIDAY AUGUST 19 Art Themen Quartet 8:30pm

SATURDAY AUGUST 20 Katriona Taylor 8:30pm

MONDAY AUGUST 22 Stormy Monday Club Present Blues Engine 8:30pm

TUESDAY AUGUST 23 Protect The Beat 8:30pm

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24 Way Out West Presents Tony Woods, Dave Jones, Eric Ford Trio 8:30pm

THURSDAY AUGUST 25 Zoot Money 8:30pm

FRIDAY AUGUST 26 Soul Sugar’d 8:30pm

SATURDAY AUGUST 27 Luna Cohen 8:30pm

SUNDAY AUGUST 28 Sunday Lunchtime Sessions: Bobby Tench’s BBB 2:00pm; David Dower & Matt Fisher Duo 8:00pm

MONDAY AUGUST 29 Stormy Monday Club Present TBC 8:30pm

TUESDAY AUGUST 30 Momentum 8:30pm

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 31 Way Out West Presents Kate Williams 8:30pm