Hideaway, Streatham

08/01/2017 14:00 12:00 £10 Lunchtime
Hot Orange Big Band

Fabulous twenty piece orchestra led by trombonist Richard Pywell for a top afternoon of jazz, Latin and swing for all the family.

14/01/2017 21:00 19:00 £15
Gilad Atzmon, Alan Barnes & The Lowest Common Denominator

Gilad Atzmon & Alan Barnes (saxes/clr), Yaron Stavi (bs), Frank Harrison (pno), Chris Higginbottom (drs)

15/01/2017 14:00 12:00 £10 lunchtime gig
Plum Busby

Tracy Coleman (vcls), Mandy Carton (vcls), Stuar Hall (gtr), Gabriel Keen (pno), Alexander Keen (bs), Winston Clifford (drs), Philip Achille (hrm)

22/01/2017 14:00 12:00 £10 lunchtime gig
The Red Stripe Band

Stomp and boogie woogie rhythms.