The Nightjar

02/05/2017 21:30
Tj Johnson

Ambassadors of the soul playing jazz, blues, soul, country and gospel.

03/05/2017 21:30
Gaspar Sena Trio Plus Guests

A fresh new piano trio paying tribute to the classic jazz repertoire with their own unique interpretation.

04/05/2017 21:30
The Fobo Jug Band

The FoBo Jug Band play Delta blues from the 1920s.

05/05/2017 21:30
Will Sifontes And His Latin Sound

Will Sifontes and his Latin Sound

06/05/2017 21:30
Dom Pipkin & The Mardi Gras Mambo With Dj Lil’ Koko

Dom Pipkin & The Mardi Gras Mambo with DJ Lil’ Koko perform traditional New Orleans blues + Late Set…

07/05/2017 21:30
Laurence Corns & Guest

Laurence Corns & Guest play swing jazz influenced by the music of Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Bessie Smith.

08/05/2017 21:30

09/05/2017 21:30
Dom Pipkin

Outstanding New Orleans-style jazz, blues and funk piano.

10/05/2017 21:30
The Sugar Kings

The Sugar Kings play son cubano, vintage mambo and cha cha cha.

11/05/2017 21:30
Black & Blue Jazz Band

Fronted by unique and versatile singer Alexandra Gray, The Black & Blue Jazz band is a quartet made up of vox, piano, bass and drums.

12/05/2017 21:30
The Kansas Smittys

Inspired by the swinging, hedonistic atmosphere of the one American city that overcame the Great Depression. + Late Set

13/05/2017 21:30
The Top Shelf Band

The Top Shelf Band play their filthy swing + Late Set

14/05/2017 21:30
Tim Penn And Guest

A delicious blend of rhythmic music including Ragtime, Stride, Rhumba, Soul-Jazz, R&B and Swamp Rock

15/05/2017 21:30
Don Julio Presents Will Sifontes And His Latin Sound

Don Julio presents a night of sponsored music from: Will Sifontes and his Latin Sound

16/05/2017 21:30
Jaz Delorean

Jaz Delorean is an English singer, as well as performing and recording as a solo artist.

17/05/2017 21:30
Adrian Cox Trio

Adrian Cox celebrates jazz and swing from the great small band era.

18/05/2017 21:30
The Lapazoos

The Lapazoos present the golden days of jazz and blues with a New Orleans flavour.

19/05/2017 21:30
The Man Overboard Quintet

The Man Overboard Quintet play infectious, melodic swing. + Late set.

20/05/2017 21:30
Pinstripe Suit

This lively six-piece swing and vocal jazz ensemble specialises in classic swing music from across the 20th century + Late Set

21/05/2017 21:30

22/05/2017 21:30

23/05/2017 21:30
Eric Ranzoni On Piano

Eric Ranzoni plays classic Chicago and Mississippi Blues interspersed with Rock & Roll.

24/05/2017 21:30
The Sidecars

The Sidecars play their repertoire of early blues and jazz.

25/05/2017 21:30
The Hot Rock Pilgrims

Old-time Bluegrass

26/05/2017 21:30
Benoit Viellefon Quintet

Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra perform the gorgeous ballroom dance music of 20s Europe, Cuba, Russia and the US + Late Set

27/05/2017 21:30
The Fallen Heroes

Music from the roots of London and New Orleans on our Nightjar stage + Late set

28/05/2017 21:30
Boca Nova Trio

Boca Nova Trio dip into the rich musical heritage of Brazil to bring you a rich selection of bossa nova.

29/05/2017 21:30
Zacapa Presents Strange Cargo

Strange Cargo play their repertoire of jazz & swing with a French twist. Live music and delicious reduced price cocktails courtesy of Zacapa…

30/05/2017 21:30
James Brotherston

James Brotherston serves up an evening of good-time jazz and blues with a New Orleans flavor

31/05/2017 21:30
Nell Greco

Nell Greco performs vintage inspired music in the style of the 30s and 40s,