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It’s a year ago this month since we started work on jazzlondonlive.

Initially the plan was to establish a website where the whole of the jazz community could go to find out what’s on in and around London, but talking to punters, venues and artists alike, the idea of a mobile app materialised as the preferred route. 

In June and July 2016, we ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money we needed to develop the app, and the jazz community was so generous, we ended up with more than our £10,000 target. Over summer our app developer set to work creating a useful, concise, appealing, efficient, up to date resource, and this it is now out on Google Play and available to download and install on any Android device. The Apple version is available on the iTunes store.

DOWNLOAD the free android app AND start using IT NOW!

DOWNLOAD the free Apple app AND start using IT NOW!

This website has now attracted over 240,000 views from more than 35,000 visitors. Each month we’re featuring on average 100 venues and 750 gigs, adding  new ones as we go, along with some new faces in our artists’ section. 

Having offered this service entirely free of charge for over 6 months, in January we moved to a simple, straightforward and cost effective charging model, which is booked and prepaid via our online store. If you’d like to have your venue listed, or have an artist page created for you, or have any venture or event publicised as a banner at the top of the homepage, please go to:

This is a very exciting time for jazz, but it’s also harder than ever to attract and guarantee audiences for every jazz gig in town. As two musicians active on the London scene ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get the information out, even with social media to help boost awareness.

Our intention with jazzlondonlive is to capture and express the vibrancy, diversity and quality of the London jazz scene for locals, out of towners, and tourists alike, showing them clubs and bands they might never have heard of, and in the process developing a stronger sense of community among us all. 

Welcome aboard!
Sarah Chaplin & Mick Sexton

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