Hare & Hounds, Worthing

04/07/2017 20:30 free
The Lynda Murray/Dave Murrell Quartet

Lynda Murray (ten), Dave Murrell (gtr), Dave Beebee (bs), Alex Eberhard (drs)

11/07/2017 20:30 free
The Christian Brewer/Leon Greening Quartet

Christian Brewer (alto), Leon Greening (pno), Godfrey Sheppard (bs), Malcolm Mortimore (drs)

18/07/2017 20:30 free
The Simon Savage Quartet

Simon Savage (ten), Roy Hilton (pno), Dan Sheppard (bs) Alex Eberhard (drs)

25/07/2017 20:30 free
The Jo Fooks Quartet

Jo Fooks (ten), Terry Seabrook (pno), Godfrey Sheppard (bs), Darren Beckett (drs)