(Photo by Roar Vestad)

Arild Andersen / solo double bass


Clive Bell / shakuhachi flute
Mark Wastell / tam tam, bells, frame drum, temple bowls

Music history in the making as Norwegian double bass legend performs his first ever solo recital in London. Supported by the long overdue and welcomed return of Clive Bell & Mark Wastell, who last played at Cafe OTO together as a duo way back in 2008.

Arild Andersen, one of Norway’s Big Four, alongside Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal and Jon Christensen — a group of artists who, with the assistance of the emerging ECM label in the early 1970s, kick-started international focus on the music from a country that, despite its relatively small population, has become a truly vital force in the evolution of jazz over the past 40 years. (All About Jazz)