Kings Place, N1

11/09/2017 20:00 Online Price: £14.50 | Savers £9.50
Gareth Lockrane Big Band: ‘Fistfight at the Barndance’ Album Launch Jazz at Kings Place

Gareth Lockrane- flutes/tunes, Tom Walsh, Andy Greenwood, Steve Fishwick, Henry Collins- trumpets, Trevor Mires, Mark Nightingale, Barnaby Dickinson, Barry Clements- trombones, Sam Mayne, James Gardiner-Bateman, Graeme Blevins, Nadim Teimoori, Richard Shepherd- saxes, Mike Outram- guitar, Ross Stanley- keyboards, Ryan Trebilcock- bassIan Thomas drums, Hugh Wilkinson percussion

21/09/2017 20:00 Online Price: £12.50 | Savers £9.50
Kit Downes Double Bill: Tricko + Vyamanikal Cello Unwrapped

23/09/2017 20:00 Online Price: £12.50 | Savers £9.50
Rob Luft: ‘Riser’ Album Launch Editions Records at Kings Place

Kit Downes (kbds), Lucy Railton (cello), Tom Challenger (saxes), Alex Bonney

28/09/2017 20:00 Online Price: £16.50 | Savers £9.50
Thomas Gould, Gwilym Simcock & Bernhard Schimpelsberger: Folksong Gould Standard

Thomas Gould (violin), Gwilym Simcock (pno), Bernhard Schimpelsberger (perc)

29/09/2017 20:00 Online Price: £12.50 | Savers £9.50
Entropi – ‘Moment Frozen’ Album Launch Entropi

Dee Byrne- alto saxophone, Andre Canniere- trumpet,- Rebecca Nash- keyboard, Matt Fisher- drums, Olie Brice- bass

30/09/2017 17:00 Online Price: £14.50 | Savers £9.50
Screen and Sax II – Hannah Marcinowicz Equator Festival: Women of the World

30/09/2017 21:30 Online Price: £16.50 | Savers £9.50
Carmen Souza – Creology Equator Festival: Women of the World