New subscription-based model

From 1st June 2018, this well-established jazz listings service will be switching over to a more user-orientated, value-for-money system, where jazz venues get to choose for themselves which package best suits their marketing and promotion requirements from a simple and attractively priced payment structure, to have their upcoming events featured on the JAZZLONDONLIVE web- and app-based listings every month for a modest subscription fee.

Boosted by the £12,000 pledged by hundreds of generous jazzlovers via a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the JAZZLONDONLIVE mobile app was developed, and having built up the website and app over the past two years into a reliable, comprehensive and informative resource, it is now time to streamline the somewhat ad-hoc operation. The new model will offer a more transparent, effective and consistent level of service to clients (jazz venues, promoters and artists), and as a result enhance the experience for JAZZLONDONLIVE’s 90,000 end users.

Many online services have successfully transitioned to a subscription-based business model in recent years, in response to customer demand for a more flexible, easy to understand approach to billing, providing for a range of budgets with just a handful of options. As a niche market albeit with a very loyal following, the jazz world has always had to contend with financial and operational challenges, so this strategy makes the most sense in the long term and will allow JAZZLONDONLIVE more time to focus on engaging jazz lovers across London and the south east on behalf of venues and artists, in terms of click-throughs, referrals, ticket sales, and media visibility.

Under the new system, regular ticketed venues select one of three monthly-paid options (£29, £49 or £99 per month), which come bundled with a sliding scale of promotional benefits, ads and analytics. Non-ticketed and infrequent/seasonal venues will be offered three yearly-paid options, with a starting package of just £29 pa for a venue to list all their free gigs for the year, through to £99 a year for a festival to promote a seasonal programme more visibly to its target audience. In addition, JAZZLONDONLIVE will be offering a lifetime subscription aimed exclusively at UK-based jazz artists. Depending on the level of exposure/service required, a subscribing jazz artist can choose either the £29, £49 or £99 deal, to have their profile featured on the website and app for life.

Enthusiastically supported by jazz fans (who have visited the JAZZLONDONLIVE website since its launch in June 2016 over half a million times) and also by the thriving community of promoters, artists, reviewers and broadcasters (particularly thanks to LondonJazzNews and jazzFM), nevertheless keeping the whole operation running smoothly has been quite a challenge, but this new system will secure a sustainable, viable long-term future for JAZZLONDONLIVE and continue the mission to keep jazz lovers constantly up-to-date with what’s on.