The Verdict, Brighton

01/06/2018 20:30 £15 adv £12 NUS
Geoff Simkins – Andy Panayi Quintet

Geoff Simkins (alto sax) Andy Panayi (tenor sax, flute) Terry Seabrook (piano) Paul Whitten (bass) Spike Wells (drums)

02/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Al Scott Trio

Al Scott – Piano, Tim Robertson – Double Bass & Darren A Beckett – Drums

03/06/2018 20:30 £5 adv £3 NUS
Ela Southgate & Paul Richards

Ela (vocals) and Paul (guitar) are excited to kick off the Verdict’s Singers On Sundays series with an evening of jazz and bossa nova from the classic mid 20th century era.

05/06/2018 20:30 £8 adv £5 NUS

Daisy Chute & Cerian. Both multi-instrumentalists with Celtic roots and renowned for their angelic voices, they decided to combine forces and form a new collective of female musicians who tour together, play together and support one another.

08/06/2018 20:30 £15 adv £12 NUS
Jim Mullen – Christian Brewer Quartet

Jim Mullen (guitar) Christian Brewer (alto sax) Terry Seabrook (organ) Spike Wells (drums)

09/06/2018 20:30 £15 adv £12 NUS
Mingus Underground Octet with Sara Oschlag

Mark Bassey (trombone) Martijn Van Galen (trumpet, flugelhorn) Julian Nicholas (tenor sax) Andy Pickett (alto sax) Rob Leake (bari sax, bass clarinet) David Beebee (piano) Terry Pack (bass) Milo Fell (drums) plus special guest Sara Oschlag (vocals)

10/06/2018 14:00 £10 adv £5 NUS
Gemma Nelson Quartet

As part of The Verdict’s June showcase of female Jazz singers, Gemma Nelson joins us for her first appearance in an afternoon set.

15/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Rosie Turton Quintet

This quintet is a recent creation, lead by strong melodies blending the sound of trombone, violin and electronics over a bed of interlocking grooves and soundscapes from the rhythm section

16/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Joss Peach Trio ft. Alex Hitchcock

This month Joss and his trio return with special guest Alex Hitchcock on sax. The group will be playing the music of the wonderful Stevie Wonder; classic material re-imagined with love and sensitivity… and a large slice of Stevie-tastic grooviness!

17/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Lucy Pickering’s ‘Court & Spark’

Court & Spark is a project conceived by Lucy Pickering, to reinterpret and perform some of Joni Mitchell’s finest songs from the 1970’s to 1990’s – the era that saw album releases such as Hejira, Court & Spark and Taming The Tiger.

21/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Mike Fletcher Quartet with Sara Oschlag

As a grand finale to an overseas tour we are delighted to host this special bunch of humans who will be performing original material, at this one off gig, with seasoned style and grace.

22/06/2018 20:30 £15 adv £12 NUS

Quentin Collins (trumpet) Jason Yarde (bari, alto, soprano sax) Greg Heath (tenor sax) John Donaldson (piano) SimonThorpe (bass) Tristan Banks (drums).

23/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS

Based in London, PYJÆN is a band with its common link in improvised music and the jazz tradition, but with vision of pushing music forward in new directions.

24/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Christine Tobin ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’

Christine Tobin – Vocals. Her stellar band is top UK/US based jazz guitarist Phil Robson & maestro of the double bass Dave Whitford.

29/06/2018 20:30 £15 adv £12 NUS
Introducing Sara Dowling Quartet

Verdict debuts of superb new jazz singer and pianist Sara Dowling (vocals) Gabriel Latchin (piano) Dario di Lecce (bass) Matt Home (drums)

30/06/2018 20:30 £10 adv £5 NUS
Woburn Jazz Big Band

Woburn Jazz is a highly accredited Big Band led by the musical director Paul Taverner. The audience can expect a vibrant repertoire of Big Band Swing, and timeless classics including Latin, Jive and Contemporary Jazz.