606 Club, Chelsea

1/9/2018 21:30 £14.00
The Allen/van Lier London-Amsterdam Project sax-led modern jazz quartet

Brandon Allen-sax, Bas van Lier-pno, Arnie Somogyi-bs, Eric Kooger-drums

2/9/2018 13:30 £10.00
Sophie Alloway’s Birthday Gig feat. The Lydian Collective contemporary jazz/groove

Sophie Alloway-drums, The Lydian Collective: Aaron Wheeler- piano/keyboards, Todd Baker-guitar, Ida Hollis-bass, Sophie Alloway-drums + Special Birthday Guests

2/9/2018 20:30 £12.00
Kate Williams’ Four Plus Three Meets Georgia Mancio: ‘Finding Home’ piano & vocal-led modern jazz

Kate Williams-piano, Georgia Mancio-vocals, Oli Hayhurst-bs David Ingamells-drms + The Guastalla String Quartet: John Garner, Marie Schreer-violins, Francis Gallagher-viola & Sergio Serra-cello

3/9/2018 20:30 £10.00
Dino Baptiste vocal/piano-led blues & boogie-woogie

Dino Baptiste-piano/vocals, Theo Jobst-sax, Dominic Stockbridge-gtr, Evan Jenkins-drums

4/9/2018 20:30 £10.00
Anoushka Lucas vocal-led singer/songwriter

Anoushka Lucas-vocals, Joseph Costi-kybds, Yusuf Ahmed-drms

5/9/2018 20:30 £12.00
Tango Night 606 Club Special

Blas Rivera-sax, Otto Hanriot-bandoneon, David Johnson-violin, David Chew-cello

6/9/2018 20:30 £10.00
Simon Purcell piano-led modern jazz quartet

Simon Purcell-piano, Christian Brewer-sax, Amy Baldwin-bs, Jon Scott-drms

7/9/2018 21:30 £14.00
Rachael Calladine vocal-led Groove band

Racael Calladine-vocals, Mike Gorman-piano, Winston Blissett-bass, Pascal Consoli-drums, Pete Eckford-percussion

8/9/2018 21:30 £14.00
Clark Tracey drum-led modern jazz quintet

Clark Tracey-drums, Sean Payne-sax, Alex Ridout-trumpet, Elliott Sansom-pno, James Owston-bass

9/9/2018 13:30 £20.00
Remembering Steve’ Memorial Concert/Charity Afternoon in memory of Steve Price

Tommy Blaize, Guy Barker, Steve Sidwell, Dave Arch, John Altman, Steve Pearce, Trevor Barry, Debbie Wiseman + Many More…

9/9/2018 20:30 £12.00
Noel McCalla/Derek Nash ‘Some Kinda Wonderful’: Tribute to Stevie Wonder vocal/sax-led jazz/groove band

Noel McCalla-vocals, Derek Nash-sax, Neil Angilley-piano, Jonathan Noyce-bass, Nic France-drums

10/9/2018 20:30 £10.00
Tribute to Don Weller sax-led tribute

Art Themen, Andy Cleyndert, Jim Mullen, John Donaldson, Dave Newton, Dave Barry, Clark Tracey, Mornington Lockett, Alan Barnes, Dick Pearce + Special Guests

11/9/2018 20:00 £12.00
Dan Reinstein + Dill Katz Two Sets: sax-led modern jazz quintet :: – bass-led modern jazz trio

1st set: Dan Reinstein-saxophone, Shanti Jayasinha-trumpet, Tim Lapthorn-piano, bass-tbc, drums-tbc :: 2nd set: Dill Katz-bass, Leon Stenning-guitar, drums-tbc

12/9/2018 20:30 £12.00
Guillermo Hill’s Birthday Gig guitar-led jazz/Latin band

Guillermo Hill-guitar, Paul Booth-sax/flute, Steve Lodder-piano, Andy Lafone-bass, Davide Giovannini-drums

13/09/2018 20:30 £17.00
All Fired Up’ 606 Club Special

14 piece tribute to Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire feat. Derek Green-vocals, Trevor Barry-bass, Dave Arch-piano/kybd, Tim Cansfield-guitars, Tom Walsh-trpts, Karlos Edwards-perc/vocal, Andrew Small-drums

14/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Dave Lewis’ ‘1 UP’ sax & vocal-led 7-piece groove band

Dave Lewis-sax, Adam Phillips-guitar, Robin Aspland-kybd, Neville Malcolm-bass, Rod Youngs–drums, Pete Eckford-percussion & Lizzie Deane-vocals

15/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Alex Garnett sax-led modern jazz

Alex Garnett-sax, Joe Hill-piano, Will Sach-bass, Luke Tomlinson-drums

16/09/2018 13:30 £10.00
606 Gospel featuring the Godalming Community Gospel Choir lunchtime special

16/09/2018 20:30 £17.00
Jeremy Stacey’s ‘Steely Dan Project’ 606 Club Special

Jeremy Stacey-drums, Sumudu-vcls, Andy Caine-vcl/gtr, Paul Stacey-gtr, Dave Arch, Gary Sanctuary-pno/kybd, Jim Hunt, Andy Ross-saxes, Dominic Glover-trpt, Trevor Mires-trmb, Pete Eckford-perc, Rob Mullarkey-bs + Louise Clare Marshall & Bryan Chambers-vocals

17/09/2018 20:30 £17.00
Jeremy Stacey’s ‘Steely Dan Project’ 606 Club Special

Jeremy Stacey-drums, Sumudu-vcls, Andy Caine-vcl/gtr, Paul Stacey-gtr, Dave Arch, Gary Sanctuary-pno/kybd, Jim Hunt, Andy Ross-saxes, Dominic Glover-trpt, Trevor Mires-trmb, Pete Eckford-perc, Rob Mullarkey-bs + Louise Clare Marshall & Bryan Chambers-vocals

18/09/2018 20:00 £10.00
RMG Collective : RAM Night (Two Sets) flute/trombone-led modern jazz quintet (1st set) :: modern/contemporary jazz by students from the Royal Academy of Music (2nd set)

Jon Gee-piano, Geoff Mason-trombone, Steve Rubie-flutes

19/09/2018 20:30 £10.00
Chris Allard guitar-led modern jazz quintet

Chris Allard-guitar, Brandon Allen-sax, Ross Stanley-pno, Dave Whitford-bass, Nick Smalley-drums

20/09/2018 20:30 £12.00
Alice Zawadzki vocal/violin-led contemporary jazz

21/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Wayne Hernandez vocal-led 7 piece Groove/Soul band

Wayne Hernandez-vocals, Michael Brown-guitar

22/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Jim Davison/Callum Au trumpet/trombone-led modern jazz quintet

James Davison-trumpet, Callum Au-trombone, Sam Watts-piano, Adam King-bass, Sebastiaan de Krom

23/09/2018 13:30 £10.00
Rachel Sutton Lunchtime Special

Rachel Sutton-vocals, Roland Perrin-pno, Curtis Ruiz-bs, Paul Robinson-drums

23/09/2018 20:30 £12.00
Tammy Weis vocal-led modern jazz & standards

Tammy Weis-vocals, Al Cherry-guitar, Julie Walkington-bass, Dave Ohm-drums

24/09/2018 20:30 £12.00
The Cratediggers vocal/guitar-led groove/R&B band

Andy Caine-vocal/gtr, Sean Hargreaves-pno, Paul Stacey-guitar, Chris Dodd-bass, Ian Thomas-drums, Pete Eckford-percussion

25/09/2018 20:30 £12.00
Georgia Cecile vocal-led modern jazz quartet

Georgia Cecile-vocals, Euan Stevenson-piano, Sean Gibbs-trumpet, Calum Gourlay-bass

26/09/2018 20:30 £15.00
Tim Garland sax-led modern jazz quartet

Tim Garland-sax, Yuri Goloubev-bass, Asaf Sirkis-drums & Special Guest: Jason Rebello-piano

27/09/2018 20:30 £12.00
Appleton 8-piece Dutch-German jazz/groove band

Caroll Vanwelden-vocals, Chris Perschke-tromb, Andreas Pompe-sax/flute, Thomas Siffling-trpt/flugel, Harry Terkowsky-guitar, John Brenninkmeijer-piano, Chris Brenninkmeijer-bass, Stephen Brenninkmeijer-drums

28/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Samara featuring Steve Rubie & Liliana Chachian Latin/jazz quintet

Steve Rubie-alto sax/flute, Liliana Chachian-vocals, Neil Angilley-piano, Dill Katz-bass, Nic France-drums

29/09/2018 21:30 £14.00
Gilad Atzmon sax-led modern jazz

Gilad Atzmon-saxophone/clarinet, Frank Harrison-piano, Yaron Stavi-bass, Enzo Zirilli-drums

30/09/2018 20:30 £16.00
Hamish Stuart’s 8-Piece Band 606 Club Special

Hamish Stuart-vocals/guitar, Jim Watson-kybds, Adam Phillips-gtr, Steve Pearce-bs, Ian Thomas-drms & The Horns: Patrick Hayes-trb, Tom Walsh-trpt & Special Guest: Molly Duncan-sax