606 Club, Chelsea

01/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Arnie Somogyi’s ‘Jump Monk’ Quintet bass-led modern jazz quintet

Arnie Somogyi-bass, Matyas Gayer-piano; Tony Kofi-sax; Malcolm Earl-Smith-trombone; Clark Tracey-drums

02/11/2018 21:30 £14.00
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra 7 piece bass-led jazz/funk

Stefan Redtenbacher-bs; Jim Watson-kybd; Andreas See-sax; Rory Simmons–trpt; Mike Outram-gtrs; Mike Sturgis-drms & Special Guest: Helena May-vocals

03/11/2018 21:30 £14.00
Benn Clatworthy sax-led modern jazz 4tet

Benn Clatworthy-sax; John Donaldson-piano; Simon Thorpe-bass; Darren Beckett-drm

04/11/2018 13:30 £10.00
Catherine Lima Lunchtime Special

Catherine Lima-vocals; Aled Thomas-piano; Gareth Hughes-bass; Jason Campbell-drum

04/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Bruce Lester Johnson vocal-led Jazz/Blues

Bruce Lester Johnson-vocals; Ed Jones-sax; Mike Gorman-piano; Neville Malcolm-bass

05/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Mo Foster bass-led jazz/groove

Mo Foster-bass; Chris Biscoe-sax; Ray Russell-guitar; Graham Harvey-piano; Nic France-drums; Corrina Silvester-percussion

06/11/2018 20:30 £10.00
Neil Angilley Trio

Neil Angilley-piano; Davide Mantovani-bass; Davide Giovannini-drums

08/11/2018 20:30 £10.00
Musician’s Xchange: Niki Voros vocal-led modern jazz

Niki Voros-vocals; Tim Lapthorn Trio

09/11/2018 21:30 £14.00
Dave Lewis’ ‘1 UP’ sax-led 7-piece groove band

Dave Lewis-sax; Adam Phillips-guitar; Robin Aspland-kybd; Neville Malcolm-bass; Rod Youngs–drums; Pete Eckford-percussion & Lizzie Deane-vocals

10/11/2018 21:30 £14.00
Brandon Allen Sextet sax-led modern jazz

Brandon Allen-sax; Sam Mayne-alto sax; Mark Nightingale-trombone; Ross Stanley-piano; Tim Thornton-bass; Ian Thomas-drums

11/11/2018 13:30 £10.00
606 Gospel Gospel Group feat. Abi Balfour Lunchtime Special

11/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Dana Gillespie vocal-led blues band

Dana Gillespie-vocals; Dino Baptiste-pno; Jake Zaitz-gtr; Mike Paice-sax/harmonica

12/11/2018 20:30 £50.00
Arrested Development, iconic American hiphop band 606 Club Special

13/11/2018 20:00 £12.00
Dan Reinstein: Dill Katz modern jazz

14/11/2018 20:30 £10.00
Nigel Price guitar-led modern jazz

Nigel Price-guitar; Ross Stanley-organ; Steve Brown-drm & Vasilis Xenopoulos-sax

15/11/2018 20:30 £10.00
Benefit concert for Mark Mondesir 606 Club Special

Special Guests incl. Julian Joseph; Michael Mondesir; Mo Pleasure; Cleveland Watkiss; Todd Sharpville…..

16/11/2018 21:30 £16.00
Soul to Soul’: Imaani / Nate Williams part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Imaani + Nate Williams-vocals; Lex Cameron-kybds; Emlyn Francis-gtr; Michael Bailey-bs; Chris Morris-drms with Yvonne Park & Zion-vocals, Byron Wallen-trpt; Alex Webb-piano; Andy Cleyndert-bass; Alfonso Vitale-drums & Special Guest: Deelee Dube-vocals

17/11/2018 21:30 £16.00
Saxophone Summit part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Mornington Lockett, Ed Jones, Chris Maddock + Special Guest & the Gareth Williams Trio

18/11/2018 13:30 £12.00
Jonny Mansfield’s ‘Elftet’ part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Jonny Mansfield-vibes; Ella Hohnen Ford-vocals/flute; James Davison-trumpet; Tom Smith-sax/flute; Sam Rapley-sax/clarinet; Rory Ingham-tromb; Dom Ingham-violin/vocals: Laura Armstrong-cello; Oliver Mason-guitar; Will Harris-bass; Boz Martin-Jones-drum

18/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Noel McCalla/Derek Nash: Tribute to Stevie Wonder part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Noel McCalla-vocals; Derek Nash-sax; Neil Angilley-piano; Tim Cansfield-guitar; Jonathan Noyce-bass; Nic France-drums

19/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Luna Cohen ’60 Years of Bossa Nova’ with Special Guest: Jurandir Santana part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Luna Cohen-vocals; Sam Watts-piano; Rob Luft-gtr; Matheus Nova-bass; Marius \Rodriguez-drms & Jurandir Santana-vocals/gtr

20/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Simon Wallace’s London Suite part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Simon Wallace-piano; Dave Lewis, Mark Lockheart-saxes; Adam King-bass; Rod Youngs-drms & Richard Olatunde Baker-percussion

21/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Tony Kofi ‘Portrait of Cannonball’ part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Tony Kofi-sax; Byron Wallen-trpt; Alex Webb-piano; Andy Cleyndert-bass; Alfonso Vitale-drums & Special Guest: Deelee Dube-vocals

22/11/2018 20:30 £18.00
Craig Handy part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Craig Handy-sax; Ross Stanley-piano; Calum Gourlay-bass; Winston Clifford-drums & Special Guest: Phil Robson-guitar

23/11/2018 21:30 £16.00
Samara part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Steve Rubie- alto sax/flute; Liliana Chachian-vocals; Neil Angilley-pno & Special Guest: Paul Booth-tenor sax/flute

24/11/2018 21:30 £16.00
Clark Tracey ’40 years of Music Making’ part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Clark Tracey-drums; Art Themen, Iain Ballamy, Sean Payne-saxes; Mark Armstrong-trpt; Gareth Williams-piano; Arnie Somogyi-bass

25/11/2018 13:30 £12.00
Rachel Sutton, Eileen Hunter & Jo Harrop part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Rachel Sutton, Eileen Hunter & Jo Harrop-vocals; Roland Perrin-piano

25/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Polly Gibbons part of EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Polly Gibbons-vocals; James Pearson-piano

26/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Jim Mullen’s Birthday Gig guitar-led modern jazz

Jim Mullen-guitar; Mike Gorman-organ; Tristan Mailliot-drums

27/11/2018 20:30 £14.00
Jason Rebello 606 Club Special

Jason Rebello-guitar; Yuri Goloubev-bs; Ben Reynolds-drms & Special Guest: Hans Mathisen-guitar

28/11/2018 20:30 £12.00
Anoushka Lucas vocal-led singer/songwrtr

Anoushka Lucas-vocals; Joseph Costi-kybd; Ben Reed-bs; Yusuf Ahmed-drms

30/11/2018 21:30 £14.00
Beverley Skeete & Friends vocal-led jazz/groove quintet

Beverley Skeete-vocals; Nial Tompkins-gtr; Lex Cameron-pno/kybds; Chris Dodd-bass; John Jackson-drums & Special Guests: Kevin Leo-vocals