606 Club, Chelsea

01/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Tess Burrstone vocal-led Groove/R&B band

Tess Burrstone-vocals, Emlyn Maillard-kybrd; Max Johnson-sax; Kenny Barry-gtr; Wayne Nunes-bs; Perry Melius-drms; Natasha Stewart & Rachel Clark-vcls & Special Guest: Wayne Hernandez-vocals

02/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Derek Nash sax-led modern jazz quartet

Derek Nash-sax, Pete Adams-piano; Phil Scragg-bass; Mike Bradley-drms

03/02/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Georgia Mancio vocal-led modern jazz quartet

Georgia Mancio-vocals, Kate Williams-piano; Oli Hayhurst-bass; Dave Ohm-drums

03/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Celeste vocal-led Brazilian quintet

Celeste-vocals, John Crawford-piano; Matheus Nova-bass; Guillermo Hill-guitar; Anselmo Netto-percussion; Gaeta-drums

04/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Dino Baptiste piano-led Blues/Boogie Woogie band

Dino Baptiste-vocals/keyboard, Theo Jobst-sax; Dominic Stockbridge-guitar; Alessandro Cinelli-drums

05/02/2019 20:30 £10.00
Alexander Bone sax-led modern jazz quartet

Alexander Bone-sax, Tom Cawley-pno; Will Sach-bs; Luke Tomlinson-drms

06/02/2019 20:30 £20.00
**606 Club Special**: 360 10 piece Groove band

Hamish Stuart-gtr/vocals; Steve Ferrone-drums; Molly Duncan-sax with Andy Caine-vocals/gtr; Jim Watson & Ross Stanley-kybds; Adam Phillips-gtr; Steve Pearce-bs; & The Horns

07/02/2019 20:30 £0.00
Closed for a Private Event

08/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Tom Seals vocal/piano-led Jazz/Groove

Tom Seals-vocals/piano, Sam Barrett-gtr; Luke Vice-Coles-trpt; Harry Greene-sax; Nick Bayes-bs; Joel Barford-drums

09/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Clark Tracey drum-led modern jazz quintet

Clark Tracey-drums, Sean Payne-sax; James Copus-trpt; Elliott Sansom-pno; James Owston-bass

10/02/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: 606 Gospel Group 10-piece gospel choir & band

10/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Closed for a Private Event

11/02/2019 20:30 £10.00
Fiona Ross voca/piano-led jazz/groove sextet

Fiona Ross-vocals/piano, Loren Hignell-sax; Gibbi Bettini-gtr; Derek Daley-bs; Marley Drummond-drums; Ashaine White-vocals

12/02/2019 20:30 £10.00
David Gordon piano-led modern jazz trio

David Gordon-piano, Oli Hayhurst-bs; Paul Cavaciuti-drums

13/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Trish Clowes sax-led modern jazz quartet

Trish Clowes-sax, Jim Watson-pno; Joe Lee-bs; Winston Clifford-drms

14/02/2019 20:30 £20.00
**Valentine Night Special with Sara Dowling** vocal-led Jazz quintet with

Sara Dowling-vocals, Alex Garnett-sax feat. Gabriel Latchin-piano; Dario de Lecce-bass; Steve Brown-drums

15/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra 7 piece bass-led jazz/funk

Stefan Redtenbacher-bs; Mike Outram-gtr; Piers Green-sax; Graeme Flowers-trpt; Mike Sturgis-drms & Helena May-vocals with Special Guest: Dave Limina-organ

16/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Gilad Atzmon sax-led modern jazz

Gilad Atzmon-sax, Frank Harrison-pno; Yaron Stavi-bs; Enzo Zirilli-drums

17/02/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Fleur Stevenson vocal-led swing jazz

Fleur Stevenson-vocals, Pete Billington-pno; Brandon Allen-sax; Adam King-bass

17/02/2019 20:30 £15.00
**606 Club Special** Mo Pleasure bass/pno-led jazz/groove

Mo Pleasure-bass/piano, Luke Smith-kybd; Mike Brown-gtr; Jamie Michael Harris-sax; Josh McKenzie-drms; Tuca Milan-perc; Lois Graham, Nathan Lewis-vocals & Special Guest: Ivy Chanel-vocals

18/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Chantelle Duncan vocal-led jazz/Groove band

Chantelle Duncan-vocals, Carl Hudson-kybds; Dave Ital-guitar; Neville Malcolm-bass; Graham Cuttill-drums

19/02/2019 20:00 £10.00
Jonathan Gee : Jazz from the Royal Academy of Music with the Harry Baker Band modern jazz

20/02/2019 20:30 £15.00
**606 Club Special** Gwilym Simcock piano-led modern jazz quartet

Gwilym Simcock-piano, John Parricelli-guitar; Laurence Cottle-bass and Martin France-drums

21/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Musicians Xchange Programme: Alma Bencze vocal-led modern jazz

Alma Bencze-vocals, Tim Lapthorn-piano; Arnie Somogyi-bass; Lloyd Haines-drums

22/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Samara Latin/jazz sextet

Steve Rubie- alto sax/flute; Liliana Chachian-vocals; Neil Angilley-pno

23/02/2019 21:30 £14.00
Brandon Allen Sextet sax-led modern jazz

Brandon Allen-sax, Sam Mayne-alto sax; Robbie Harvey-trombone; Ross Stanley-piano; Sam Burgess-bass; Ian Thomas-drums

24/02/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Viviana Zarbo vocal-led mainstream jazz quartet

24/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
Wayne Hernandez vocal-led 7piece Groove band

Wayne Hernandez-vocals, Michael Brown-guitar

25/02/2019 20:30 £12.00
The Kondoors vocal/guitar-led Indie/Groove band

Gavin Conder & Jess Greenfield-vocals with Scott McKeon-guitar; Karme Caruso, Carl Hudson-keyboards; Dan Mount-bass; Simon Lea-drums

26/02/2019 20:00 £12.00
Dan Reinstein : Dill Katz modern jazz

27/02/2019 20:30 £10.00
Tim & Hattie Whitehead vocal & saxophone led jazz/Indie quartet

Tim Whitehead-sax, Hattie Whitehead-vocals, George Brown Griffiths-piano; Andy Hamill-bass; Tom Hooper-drums