606 Club, Chelsea

01/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Phil Ayres’s Détente drum-led 10 piece Groove Band

Phil Ayres-drums, Adam Phillips, Bobby Quigley-gtrs, Carl Hudson-kyb, Dave Lewis-sax, Danny Marsden-trpt, Phil Mulford-bs, Pete Eckford-perc, Simon Foster, Tracy Graham-vocals & Special Guests: Jim Mullen-guitar and Noel McCalla & Louise Clare Marshall-vocals

02/04/2019 20:30 £20.00
**606 Club Special** ‘All Fired Up’ 14 piece tribute to Maurice White and Earth Wind & Fire

Derek Green-vocals, Trevor Barry-bass, Dave Arch-piano/kybd, Tim Cansfield-guitars, Tom Walsh-trpts, Karlos Edwards-perc/vocal, Andrew Small-drums

03/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Guille Hill guitar-led jazz/Latin band

Guille Hill-guitar, Paul Booth-sax/flute, Steve Lodder-piano, Andy Lafone-bass, Davide Giovannini-drums

04/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Lily Dior vocal-led modern jazz

Lily Dior-vocals, Tim Lapthorn-piano, Chris Dodd-bs, Saleem Rahman-drms

05/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Lex Cameron vocal/kybd-led Groove band

Lex Cameron-vocals/keyboard, Tony Remy-gtr, Nick Cohen-bs, Westley Joseph-drms & Susan Allotey-vocals

06/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Pat Clahar sax-led modern jazz quartet

Pat Clahar-sax, Mimmo Campanale-drums + Special Guest

07/04/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Rebecca Poole vocal-led mainstream jazz quartet

Rebecca Poole-vocals, Jamie McCredie-guitar, Tom Moore-bass

07/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Joy Rose vocal-led Groove band

Joy Rose-vocals, Lex Cameron-kybds: Bobby Quigley-gtr, Chris Dodd-bs, Sam Agard-drums

08/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Kelly Everitt vocal-led Groove/contemporary

Kelly Everitt-vocals, Jamie Anderson-sax, Trevor Mires-tromb, Tom Walsh-trumpet, Olly Buxton-bass, Joe Evans-drums

09/04/2019 20:00 £12.00
**606 Club Special** Harry Allen US sax-led mainstream jazz

Harry Allen-sax, Andrea Pozza-pno, Simon Woolf-bs, Anthony Pinciotti-drums

10/04/2019 20:30 £25.00
Charity Night: The Solar Water Project

The Rachael Calladine band & others

11/04/2019 20:30 £10.00
Fini Bearman vocal-led modern jazz quartet

Fini Bearman-vocals, Tom Cawley-pno, Tom Herbert-bs, Dave Hamblett-drms

12/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Beverley Skeete & Friends vocal-led jazz/groove quintet

Beverley Skeete-vocals, Nial Tompkins-gtr, Adam Saunders-pno/kybds, Nick Cohen-bass, Geoff Dunn-drums & Special Guests: Kevin Leo, Katherine Ellis-vocals

13/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Brandon Allen Sextet sax-led modern jazz

Brandon Allen-sax, Sam Mayne-alto sax, Mark Nightingale-trombone, Tim Lapthorn-piano, Tim Thornton-bass, Ian Thomas-drums

14/04/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: 606 Gospel Group 10-piece gospel choir & band

14/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Celeste vocal-led Brazilian quintet

Celeste-vocals, John Crawford-piano, Matheus Nova-bass, Anselmo Netto-perc, Gaeta-drums

15/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Natalie Duncan vocal/piano-led singer-songwriter Groove/Indie band

Natalie Duncan-vocals/piano, Dave Mian-trpt, Ricky Mian-sax, Alan Mian-bass, Dave Browning-drums with Jake Elkan-guitar

16/04/2019 20:00 £10.00
RMQ : Jazz from the RAM modern jazz

Geoff Mason-trombone, Steve Rubie-flutes, Will Barry-piano, Joe Downard-bass: Winston Clifford-drums

17/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Sara Dowling vocal led modern jazz

Sara Dowling-vocals, Gabriel Latchin-pno, Dario Di Lecce-bs, Steve Brown-drms

18/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Musicians Xchange Programme: Gabor Bolla/Matyas Gayer sax/piano-led modern jazz quartet

Gabor Bolla-sax, Matyas Gayer-piano, Adam King-bass, Steve Brown-drums

19/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Imaani vocal-led soul/groove band

Imaani-vocals, Mike Gorman-kybds: Emlyn Francis-gtr, Alexis Contouris-bs, Westley Joseph-drums with Cece Diamond & Ruth Whyte-vocals

20/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Benn Clatworthy sax-led modern jazz quartet

Benn Clatworthy-sax, John Donaldson-piano, Simon Thorpe-bass, Darren Beckett-drms

21/04/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Viviana Zarbo vocal-led mainstream jazz quartet

Viviana Zarbo-vocals, Joseph Costi-piano, Luke Fowler-bass, Alfonso Vitale-drums with Nigel Price-guitar

21/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Liane Carroll & Friends vocal/piano-led modern jazz

Liane Carroll-vocals, Roger Carey-bass, Russell Field-drums

22/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
**606 Club Special** Ethan Iverson/Martin Speake piano/sax-led modern jazz duo

Ethan Iverson-piano, Martin Speake-sax

23/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
**CD Launch** Ben Crosland Quintet Plays the Ray Davies Songbook Volume II bass-led modern jazz quintet

Ben Crosland-bass, Steve Lodder-pno, Dave O’Higgins-sax, Sebastiaan de Krom-drums & John Etheridge-guitar

24/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Dan Reinstein : Dill Katz modern jazz

25/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
John East Project organ/vocal-led jazz septet

John East-organ/vocals, Nigel Price-gtr, Dave Lewis-sax, Scott Baylis-trpt, Dan Hewson-trombone, Steve Pearce-bass, Mark Fletcher-drums

26/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Samara Latin/jazz quintet

Steve Rubie-alto sax/flute, Liliana Chachian-vocals, Neil Angilley-piano

27/04/2019 21:30 £14.00
Graham Harvey piano-led modern jazz quartet

Graham Harvey-piano, Jeremy Brown-bass, Mark Taylor-drums & Dave O’Higgins-sax

28/04/2019 13:30 £10.00
Lunchtime Special: Rachel Sutton vocal-led modern jazz quartet

Rachel Sutton-vocals, Roland Perrin-pno, Curtis Ruiz-bs, Paul Robinson-drums

28/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Dana Gillespie and The London Blues Band vocal-led blues band

Dana Gillespie-vocals, Dino Baptiste-pno, Jake Zaitz-gtr, Artie Zaitz-bass, Mike Paice-sax/harmonica

29/04/2019 20:30 £12.00
Clement Regert’s ‘Wild Card’ guitar-led Jazz/Groove

Andy Noble-organ, Sophie Alloway-drums, With Binker Golding-sax, Freddie Gavita-trpt

30/04/2019 20:30 £14.00
**International Jazz Day Special*: Nikki Iles piano-led modern jazz sextet

Nikki Iles-piano, Mark Lockheart-tenor sax, Steve Buckley-alto sax, Chris Batchelor-trumpet, Steve Watts-bass, James Maddren-drums