606 Club, Chelsea

01/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Duncan Lamont’s Birthday Gig sax-led jazz sextet

Duncan Lamont-sax, John Crawford-piano, Andy Hamill-bass, Steve Taylor-drums with Special Guests: Tina May & Esther Bennett-vocals + Surprise Guests!

02/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
John Etheridge’s Blue Spirit Trio with Special Guest Art Themen guitar-led modern jazz

John Etheridge-guitar, Pete Whittaker-organ, George Double-drums and Special Guest: Art Themen-sax

03/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Simon Mulligan piano-led modern jazz

Simon Mulligan-piano, Frank Walden-sax, Andy Hamill-bs, Justin Woodward-drms

04/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Tony Kofi & The Organisation sax-led modern jazz

Tony Kofi-sax, Pete Whittaker-organ, Simon Fernsby-guitar, Pete Cater-drums

05/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Tony O’Malley vocal-keyboard-led groove band

Tony O’Malley-keyboard/vocals, Richie Aikman-guitar, Sonny Winslow-bass, Ally McDougal-drums & Special Guest: Jim Hunt-sax

06/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Mornington Lockett sax-led modern jazz quintet

Mornington Lockett-sax, Mike Gorman-piano, Mick Coady-bass, Mark Fletcher-drums and Special Guest!

07/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Dana Gillespie vocal-led blues band

Dana Gillespie-vocals, Dino Baptiste-pno, Jake Zaitz-gtr, Mike Paice-sax/harmonica

08/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Gina Foster vocal-led Groove/Soul band

Gina Foster-vocals, James Pusey-guitar, Rob Barron-piano, Steve Pearce-bs, Richard Bailey-drums

09/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Jen Kearney vocal/piano-led Latin/Groove band

Jen Kearney-vocals/piano, Tim Cansfield-guitar, Tiago Coimbra-bass, Davide Giovannini-drums

10/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Mark Lewandowski bass-led modern jazz

Mark Lewandowski-bass, Alex Garnett-sax, Bruno Heinen-pno, James Maddren-drms

11/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
The Boom Quintet sax/drums-led modern jazz quintet

Greg Heath-saxophone, Robert Castelli-drums, Nic Meier-guitar, Gilles Estoppey-piano, Davide Mantovani-bass

12/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Beverley Skeete & Friends vocal-led jazz/groove quintet

Beverley Skeete-vocals, Nial Tompkins-gtr, Nick Cohen-bass, Jason Thompson-pno/kybds, Geoff Dunn-drums & Special Guests: Kevin Leo, Angie Brown-vocals

13/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Greg Abaté sax-led modern jazz quartet

Greg Abate-sax, Craig Milverton-piano, Adam King-bs, Nick Millward-drms

14/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Noel McCalla/Derek Nash ‘Some Kinda Wonderful’: Tribute to Stevie Wonder voc/sax-led jazz/groove

Noel McCalla-vocals, Derek Nash-sax, Neil Angilley-piano, Jonathan Noyce-bass, Nic France-drums

15/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Errol Linton vocal/harmonica-led blues

Errol Linton-vocal/harmonica, Adam Blake-guitar, Petar Zivkovic-piano, Lance Rose-bass, Gary Williams-drums

16/07/2019 20:00 £12.00
Dan Reinstein : Dill Katz modern jazz

17/07/2019 20:30 £20.00
**606 Club Special** ‘All Fired Up’ 14 piece tribute to Earth Wind & Fire

Derek Green-vocals, Trevor Barry-bs, Dave Arch-pno/kybd, Tim Cansfield, Tony Remi-gtrs, Karlos Edwards-perc/vcl, Andrew Small-drms & the AFU Horns

18/07/2019 20:30 £15.00
**606 Club Special** Hamish Stuart vocal/gtr-led “groove” Band

Hamish Stuart-vocals/guitar, Adam Phillips-gtr, Ross Stanley-kybds, Steve Pearce-bs, Ian Thomas-drms & Special Guest: Molly Duncan-sax

19/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Samara Brazilian/jazz quintet

Steve Rubie-alto sax/flute, Liliana Chachian-vocals, Neil Angilley-pno

20/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Ed Jones sax-led modern jazz quartet

Ed Jones-sax, Ross Stanley-piano, Riaan Vosloo-bass, Tim Giles-drums

21/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Polly Gibbons – Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Randy Crawford’s ‘Raw Silk’ vocal-led soul/R&B

Polly Gibbons-vocals, Ross Stanley-piano, Bobby Quigley-guitar, Chris Dodd-bass, Richard Bailey-drums, Pete Eckford-perc

22/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
The Kondoors vocal/guitar-led Indie/Groove band

Gavin Conder & Jess Greenfield-vocals with Drew Wynen-guitar, Karme Caruso, Carl Hudson-keyboards, Dan Mount-bass, Simon Lea-drums

23/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Phil Ayres’s Birthday Gig with Détente drum-led 11 piece Groove Band

Phil Ayres-drums, Dave Lewis-sax, Adam Phillips, Bobby Quigley-gtr, Carl Hudson, Ross Stanley-kybd, Danny Marsden, Freddie Gavita-trpt, Chris Dodd-bs, Pete Eckford, Jody Linscott-perc, Simon Foster, Tracy Graham-vocals & Special Guests: Jim Mullen-guitar and Noel McCalla-vocals

24/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Purdy vocal-led singer/songwriter band

Purdy-vocals, Jamie McCredie-gtr, Tim Sentance-pno, Tom Moore-bass, Dan Western-drums

25/07/2019 20:30 £14.00
**606 Club Special** The Forgotten Fairground with Special Guest Marvin Stamm 10 piece jazz ensemble

Matt Gough, Andy Bush-flugelhorns, Georgina Stalbow-vocals, Toby Boalch-kybd, Tom Dunnett-trombone, Hayley Gough-flute, Alicia Gardener-Trejo-alto flute, Chris Gough-french horn, Rob Anstey-bass, Euan Palmer-drums & Special Guest: Marvin Stamm-trumpet

26/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
The Coalminers Americana 8 piece band

Arthur Lea-pno/vcls, Rob Updegraff-gtr, Ben Somers-sax, Spencer Brown-bass and Pat Levett-drums with Sumudu & Tommy Hare-vocals

27/07/2019 21:30 £14.00
Julian Nicholas sax-led modern jazz quartet

Julian Nicholas-sax, Ross Stanley-piano, Nigel Thomas-bass, Mike Pickering-drums

28/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
**606 Club Special** Worshipful Company of Musicians: Young Jazz Musician of the Year Trumpet-led modern jazz sextet

2018 Award Winner James Davison-trumpet with Sam Rapley-sax, Jonny Mansfield-vibes, Rob Barron-pno, Misha Mullov-Abbado-bs, Will Glaser-drms with Special Guest: Grace Archer-vocals

29/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
**606 Club Special** Dan Shout sax-led modern jazz sextet

Dan Shout-sax, Paul Booth, Dave O’Higgins-saxes, Ross Stanley-piano, Laurence Cottle-bass, Ian Thomas-drums

30/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
Ed Bentley’s Blue Note Quintet organ-led modern jazz quintet

Ed Bentley-organ, Dave Lewis-sax, Mark Ridout-guitar, PK Ambrose-bass, Rod Youngs-drums

31/07/2019 20:30 £12.00
John East Project organ/vocal-led jazz septet

John East-organ/vocals, Nigel Price-gtr, Dave Lewis-sax, Freddie Gavita-trpt, Dan Hewson-trombone, Steve Pearce-bass, Mark Fletcher-drums