Spice of Life, Soho

05/08/2019 18:00 Free
Blues Jam – Hosted by Dove Jones

A celebration of Traditional and Psychedelic Blues & Jams returns to our favourite venue, the legendary Spice of Life, complete with the friendliest, grooviest vibes and jams with musicians from around the world. Full backline, keys, and exceptional PA – come and join in! Musicians, Singers, Horns, Music Lovers and Awakening Minds welcome!

07/08/2019 19:00 £5 £8 Free MU
Vandojam – Hosted by Rachael Cohen Quartet

Rachael Cohen – alto sax, Will Barry – piano, Mark Lewandowski – bass & Luca Caruso – drums

21/08/2019 19:00 £10
Big Smoke Family

Purveyors of Voodoo funk’ – a unique mix of punchy horns, heavy street beats and chants.

28/08/2019 19:00 £10
Morgan Brothers Big Band

A new and exciting big band full of top young London musicians led by identical twins Huw and Christopher Morgan. The band play a wonderful mix of instantly recognisable songs from the big band era but with original arrangements of classic 80’s pop to add a bit of a twist.