The Oxford Tavern, NW5

02/09/2019 20:30 £8/£5 musicians
Giacomo Smith Trio

Giacomo Smith (saxophone), Dave Archer (guitar), Tom Farmer (double bass)

09/09/2019 20:30 £8/£5 musicians
Shane Forbes Trio

Shane Forbes (drums), Will Barry (piano), Joe Downard (double bass)

16/09/2019 20:30 £8/£5 musicians
Naama Gheber Quartet

Naama Gheber (voice), Will Arnold-Forster (guitar), Steve Brown (drums), Calum Gourlay (double bass)

23/09/2019 20:30 £8/£5 musicians
Ferg Ireland Quartet

A prolific sideman, double bassist Ferg Ireland is one of London’s most in demand jazz musicians and a founding member of the seemingly unstoppable Kansas Smitty’s House Band. We look forward to him taking center stage and leading his own ensemble.

30/09/2019 20:30 £8/£5 musicians
Sam Braysher Quartet

Sam Braysher (alto saxophone), Ross Stanley (piano), Conor Chaplin (double bass), Shane Forbes (drums)