Kings Place, N1

04/07/2021 19:00 £20
Nu Civilisation Orchestra – Parallel Jazz/London Unwrapped

Nu Civilisation Orchestra presents a sonic and visual tribute to Joe Harriott, the legendary free-form Jamaican jazz genius who settled in London in 1952 and went on to explore the sounds of the city and the musicians he met there to create his own characteristic style of jazz.

10/07/2021 20:00 SOLD OUT
Ill-Considered Jazz at Kings Place

Ill-Considered improvise on simple pre-written themes or compose on the spot to create deep grooves and plaintive melodies, ranging from whispered chants to monstrous climaxes.

30/07/2021 20:00 £13
Pouya Ehsaei presents Parasang ft. Marley Drummond, Kadialy Kouyate and Camilla George Contemporary/London Unwrapped

For the first iteration of the series, Pouya Ehsaei will be joined by CAMILLA GEORGE, MOBO-Nominated, Nigerian born saxophonist and star of the award-winning group ‘Jazz Jamaica,’ who leads her own critically acclaimed project showcasing the stars of the new UK Jazz scene, Kadialy Kouyate, Kora virtuoso and singer who can put anyone into a state of trance, and drummer Marley Drummond whose mesmerising beats bring influences from Reggae, Funk and Jazz.