Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Greenwich

01/12/2021 20:30 £10/door £5/jammers and students
Soul Station session

02/12/2021 20:00 free
Beats in the bar (free)

03/12/2021 21:00 £10/door
The Bruno Heinen quartet

04/12/2021 21:00 £10/door
Wildcard trio

05/12/2021 18:00 £10/door £5/jammers and students
The Isedhere Quartet and jam session

06/12/2021 20:30 £10/door £5/jammers and students
The Ineza Kershamp Trio and jam session

07/12/2021 20:30 £10/door £5/jammers and students
Turnt Tuesday hosted by Gwilym Jones featuring Joe Webb

08/12/2021 20:30 £10/door £5/jammers and students
Soul Station session

09/12/2021 20:00 free
The Beats in the bar 5: The best of trinity/Laban jazz students

10/12/2021 21:00 £10/door
The Nick Meier Trio

11/12/2021 21:00 £10/door
Corina Kwami and the Swing Selection

12/12/2021 18:00 £10/door £5/jammers and students
Robbie Ellison quartet and jam session